For Gamers

Flyhigh Works was established in by CEO Seigei Kou, with the goal of developing and publishing fun games for all to enjoy. Based primarily in Tokyo and with teams located throughout Asia and the wider world, our motto when written in English reflects our light-hearted approach and core goals of bringing gaming joy.

Let’s Work! Let’s Fly! Let’s High!

We also have a close business partnership with CIRCLE Entertainment, which helps us to bring more awesome games to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

We are a truly global business. If you live in Asia you may have seen us team up with Indie heavyweights like Image & Form (SteamWorld Dig 1 & 2 / SteamWorld Heist), Tomorrow Corporation (World of Goo, Human Resource Machine), Atooi (Xeodrifter) and many more on Switch eShop releases. We’ve been busy globally, too, with brilliant titles like KAMIKO and Fairune Collection by Skipmore, VOEZ and Deemo by Rayark, OPUS games by Sigono and many more.

We are also bringing our games to stores for physical collectors. So far we have released VOEZ and Deemo in Asia, with the same games released in North America in partnership with PM Studios. Mantis Burn Racing, which we published in the Asian market, has also been released at retail on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Asia as part of a partnership with Konami. We have also teamed up with Super Rare Games, with Fairune Collection to have a special edition release soon.

Whether developing games, porting gems to new hardware or publishing around the world, we will keep striving to bring gamers the most fun, interesting and unique experiences in gaming.

Thanks for all of your support!

For Publishers

We are a truly global business. We enjoy significant success in bringing games from Europe, North America and Australia to Asian markets, with partners that include Image & Form, Atooi, Tomorrow Corporation, The Gentebros. and many more. We also publish many games globally, including experiences developed all around the world and of all genres. Ours is a name well known in Asia, and with a growing reputation for releasing diverse and popular games in all territories.

Our publishing support includes significant expertise for all regions, in addition to strong working relationships with Nintendo and, increasingly, Sony. Whether localising games to best suit the Asian markets, or reaching a global audience with new brands, we will work to spread the word for great games with support from Nintendo, social media and our extensive range of media contacts.

Whether securing coverage in prestigious publications like Famitsu, appearing in Nintendo Direct broadcasts or attracting audiences to our own ‘Flyhigh Express’ online shows, we’ll spread the word and connect gamers with new experiences that deserve to be enjoyed.