Cytus α – Why It’s Another Rayark Gem on Nintendo Switch

Cytus α is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop globally; it’s the latest incredible music experience from Rayark (VOEZ, Deemo). To celebrate the launch we thought we’d share a little more of what makes this another musical gem for the Nintendo Switch.

First of all, below is the gameplay trailer as shared by Nintendo of America!

When you start your adventure in Cytus α you first need to choose how to play. You can use the touchscreen in portable mode, or you can use a controller (either Joy-Cons or Pro Controller) for play in all three Switch configurations (TV, tabletop, portable); however you play you’ll have impeccable responses to allow you to chase high scores! If you are subscribed to the Nintendo Online Service, meanwhile, you will have online options such as leaderboards and competitive battles, but we’ll come back to those later!

Oh, and don’t forget that the game is best enjoyed with headphones!

On the main menu of the game you have three options, below is the order we suggest:

Chapters ORIGIN

This is the main story / progression mode; you work through chapters (and the DJMAX content exclusive to this version) by playing and clearing songs. There are over 200 songs in total, and as you work through chapters you will unlock more tracks and story segments. The story segments include a deeply written sci-fi tale and some attractive illustrations (in addition to all of the illustrations for every song!). This is a great methodical way to experience all the songs and unlock all of the content, and you can choose from EASY and HARD difficulties for each track. In addition you can aim for one million points in each track to earn the ‘Million Master’ accolade.

Every time you select a song you can toggle ‘Matching’ on and off. If it is off you will jump straight into your song, but if you turn it on there will be a brief 25 second countdown in which the game will try to match you with another player that’s online anywhere in the world. If it does match you up with an opponent you still play the track as normal, but if you beat their score in the match the win is added to your record and may even help you unlock new content even quicker; that said, everything can be unlocked normally if you never play online, so don’t worry!

In addition to all of that you can always try various gameplay settings for things like Click FX and ‘Pop-up Mode’; experiment and see what works for you!


When you aren’t focused on story progression and simply want to challenge other players in real time online, this is the mode for you. Simply select minimum and maximum song levels, and the game will then connect you to 1 or 2 opponents in a random song within those levels. If you have a competitive urge this a great mode for jumping into Online Battles right away!


This is where you can catch up with all of the story segments (‘DATA’) that you have collected; they’re presented in order so you can read the story at your leisure.

Incredible Music and a Huge Amount of Content

The Cytus series is regarded as some of Rayark’s greatest work, with its stylised approach to gameplay, the metronomic line and rhythmic beats and lines, and the amazing music itself. With over 200 tracks, multiple difficulties and challenges to meet, Cytus α is a Switch-exclusive edition in the series that shows why Nintendo’s system is the perfect home for Rayark experiences.

We hope you’ll enjoy the game!

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