Slime Tactics Arrives This Week on Nintendo Switch!

Hello all,

Apologies for the gap between posts, but we’re back today to confirm our next Nintendo Switch eShop release.

And it’s out this week, on 11th April!

Slime Tactics is out globally this week, and will be priced at $9.99USD / €9,99 with regional variations.

A successor to Ambition of the Slimes, this is a real time strategy game in which you control and lead the ‘weakest’ units in gaming – Slimes. Your task is to take these slimes and make them a powerful army!

Slime Tactics offers real time strategy battles with a difference; there are various slime types to master, all with their own unique skills and characteristics. With smart strategy you can conquer the most deadly of enemies!

Take on numerous colourful and imaginative stages as the leader of these Slime forces, with some fantastic boss encounters to discover.

We hope you’ll enjoy Slime Tactics!

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